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I was diagnosed with an irregualar pap spear for pre cancerous cells over 20 years ago and had treatment. At 42 I just recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl. My pap last week was normal. HPV and irregular pap smear is not a huge drama. While its good to encourage others to empower themselves with good health and a strong immune system that can in turn easily deal with an HPV virus, I think there is alot of fear mongering going on- this vaccine is redefining this issue with "alarmist" proportions. While the "idea" of the vaccine and anyone would support the idea - sounds good - the reality is much different it's potentially more dangerous when you look at the amount of young girls and women being harmed by the vaccine. www.truthaboutgardsasil.org Get a regular pap smear without risking your health prematurely to a vaccine with alot of unknowns and one that contains alot of known toxins.

February 13, 2010 - 5:50am


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