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Hi Susan/ Rosa,

May be not a right forum for a male to join in. However, we (me & my wife) are going through series of traumatic phases and thus I want to hatch as much information as I can to proceed with a successful pregnancy. Last year my wife became pregnant in Mar and everything was just fine except the financial status. We mutually agreed to proceed with the termination of pregnancy medically and on doctor's consultation succeed via Mifipristone and Misoprostol. That was it and problems began afterwards. My wife bleed for almost 45 days and once it was over she suffered through Hemorroids. Treatment of that took around 6 months to fix naturally without any surgery by adding high fiber enriched food and plenty of water. Later on immediately she suffered with UTI caused by E.Coli. Once that we got fixed upon administration of certain antibiotics prescribed by the best doctor in city she became pregnant again. However, we were more than happy this time to have a baby as I am well stabilised now financially and mentally. However, her HCG hormones always remained low and thus doctor prescribed Folmet and Susten 300 twice daily along with Sifasi 5000 injection once a week. However, when she was about to complete 8 weeks as per the gestational period the TVS revealed the SAC of 4 weeks only and again that was when the bad time began. Doctor said it is probably that she will be miscarrying soon and it eventually happened within 48 hours. I dont understand what might have caused it as we took care of every possible scenario and given best care to my wife. I consulted the best Obs and Gyane consultant of the city and I have no regrets for consulting her as she also did her best. But it is the second year in a row when we could not have a baby (intentionally or unintentionally). Our Doc prescribed few tests upon miscarriage (Pap Smear, CBC, Thyroid profile, Torch Panel igg & igm, HCV, GCT, Urine Culture, BS fasting & PP). Of all the tests Thyroid profile came up with odd results. Her FT3 and FT4 results were in range however TSH was 8.7. Also, her Esnophils count was 15. We are more likely to visit our Doc next week to may be referred to Endocrinologist or some other dept. Could you please advise as to what could be the next step to proceed with in order to achieve healthy pregnancy ? Its been such a bad phase for both of us. All the complications in a row. I shelled out almost the cost of actual C-Section delivery in tests, miscarriage and consultation. Any suggestions will be a valuable for me.

Best Regards,

May 14, 2014 - 12:33pm


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