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Women are only dependent on men when they allow themselves to be. We don't have to be. Right now, my lifestyle (household expenses, etc.) are shared with husband and are dependent on his income. However, I was single for close to twenty years before we met and married and merged households. Personally, I prefer to be financially independent and am working toward that goal. We are both in our 60s and I feel it is important to our long range security to be able to maintain our lifestyle without the other's income. On an emotional level, it is important to have close relationships that offer companionship, respect and trust and that could be male or female. On a physical level, I question whether it is dependency as much as a matter of choice that determines our level of need for sensual/sexual gratification. In child-bearing years, there is a higher need/dependency.
There are times when I appreciate the "muscle mass" of men and putting that to good use but I have known quite a few women who are capable of performing equal tasks. My Mom was only 4'11" and 110 lbs. and a woman of true grit as far as performing labor-intensive tasks around the house.

September 23, 2010 - 6:16pm


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