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You are onto something with the depression of homemakers with full-time employment. What about abuse by your stepparent, tending never-ending chores, being made to wait on your step siblings and never allowed out with friends, How about never allowed out without curfew. the woman romanticizing about a man rescuing her is not cinderella syndrome. thats Snow White who wants prince charming. Cinderella implies dysfunctional and abusive relationship between a stepparent, step siblings and step child. Cinderella was abused by her mother and stepsisters and didn't care about the prince she just wanted to enjoy life, living and to be social, dont we all dream of what cinderella dreamed and hoped for…... mean while the miserable step mother and siblings ruined her ability to be free. The Prince found her because she left her slipper behind and he had the means to find her. Not because she dreamed of being rescued. Cinderella dreamed of being normal not rescued.

May 8, 2014 - 11:52pm


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