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I just had a tooth pulled due to a crack, but waited too long to see a dentist. It continued to hit root with food particles, and I flossed one evening; after several weeks of the crack, and a 'dull' ache. I woke up to my right side of mouth and cheek completely swollen, in major pain, and felt nerve. I had to go to an Oral Surgeon, and he did emergency surgery to remove the tooth. My point of story is: Do not wait to see a dentist if even feeling a dull ache or crack in a tooth. I may have been able to save the tooth, had I not waited. Of course, I previously had two horrible experiences with dentists, and admit I hate going to a dentist. To my demise; it cost me a tooth. Thank goodness it is not seen, but still...

Brush and FLOSS, and see your dentist.

March 11, 2010 - 10:28pm


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