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Susan - Thank you for highlighting Roger Ebert's strength in continuing to work and communicate with others while also being a cancer survivor. The Esquire story provides a moving portrait of an incredible man whose spirit is as strong as ever. I would encourage anyone who is a fan of his, or who has benefited from his movie reviews, to read the article. It's also an uplifting article for any person who is in the process of overcoming a major transition in their life.

I have not had an oral cancer, but did have an experience with this. During a dental procedure, involving removal of a piece of filling that had been left behind, the dentist found a tumor. He proceeded to tell me it was malignant, that he was very sorry, and that I needed to be seen by another specialist immediately. This was on a Friday and I saw the specialist on Monday. Needless to say it was a long and worrisome weekend! On Monday I learned that while it indeed was a tumor, it was 99% likely to be benign, which proved true when it was removed. The tumor was so large it had destroyed my left jaw bone and there were multiple risks involved in the surgery to remove it, including potential facial paralysis due to nerve damage. For me everything came out well in the end, but it definitely was a challenging experience that led to a lot of thought about how much we depend on our ability to speak and use our mouth. I admire Roger Ebert's ability to keep on keepin on under the circumstances he's in, but then I've been an admirer of his for what seems like forever. Again, thanks so much for posting his story!

February 22, 2010 - 6:14pm


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