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I know that I can be nagging to him at times but it is because I want his attenchon. I long for some afection from him!
He know he has a problem that the thing he wants help but he isnt putting effort into getting it!
In the past I set up Drs appointments for him to get help he was put on meds and he was taking them. And out of the blue he stoped and said he stoped because he said that everyone was walking all over him!

I know I am not all that perfect eather I cry it seams for no reason. I want to talk to my Dr but what will they do. I have seen specelest and they said that I am absuluty normal there is nothing wrong with and it is just the situatshon I am in!
Our little girl is the only on that seems to be ok! She is like me! Emoshonal when yelled at but very close to me. She trys to spend cuddle time with daddy but he pats her and says good girl and then gets up and moves. She is only 4.
My oldest well we have never told him that my common law isnt is real dad yet. He is almost 9. But I think he knows because of some of the thing he says to me after my common law and I have had a fight. Things like kick him out or can we go to grandmas even though I know it is a long drive.
He also is emoshanal and breaks out in out rages but has ADHD.
Thing are ok as long as I say away from him in the house and dont talk to him. I can only talk to him about what his show is about or the movie. Or his work! But even that is touchy!
Today was a good day he cleaned the back yard and we took a drive to the dump but when we got home he sat back in the chair said he did his deed and has been watching t.v since sorry he did make dinner for the kids! But For instance this is want I am talking about being alone, all the kids are in bed I put them to bed and now he is upstairs watching t.v *Greese* which he know I like but he hates. And I am downstairs in ower room waitting for him to come to bed and spend time with me!
I am down here and not watching it with him because earler I camly asked him if we can talk and he said *WHAT* and I asked simply ( can we start working on spending a little time togeather and maybe some intamint time togeather) . And he FREEKED yelling * oh my god your going to wrone my hole weekend over this again what is wrong with you stop naging me why do you always find a way to wrone my night this is why I dont want to have sex with you and this is why when I do have sex with you I wait till your sleeping!*****
My reply was I am sorry you feel that way! And I simply walked away in shame in tears and then balling in my room with my baby kicking me because of me holding my breath at times so I dont make noise that I am crying!
I know he works hard and some people or all people need there space but I mean ever day ever night ever hr!
He is gone all the time and only gets a few short hrs with all of us as a family like 2hrs every day befor kids go to bed. And well since I am up with them and prgnant I like to try and get some sleep to.
Me leave NO this is the kids home he can leave!!!!!!!! But even with call ing the police they said that I am not in danger so there is no reason for them to remove him and for me to leave or just stay way from him! Come on now people really. I just want to fix things I know he has it in him but HOW DO YOU GET HIM TO GET HELP! He even said he knows that he needs it! So!!!!

Oh you wernt being hard on me for what you said your are sooooo right!!!! I know that! I have been to meetings up that wazoo lol! But what is one to do with no support no help other then to go to a womans shelter come on no I went there once for this and no never again there has to be a way a good way to help him.
I know I canèt be mommy to him to lol! But I think that is what I have become but with out talking.
Thank you ! Yes you donèt know is side and I am sure he one to say like I have heard from the nabour that He said to her that I perpisly got pregnant again lol! No I was done at 1! But god gave me more!
Well if you would like to give more input please do!
Your my only so called computer friend now! Thank you!

February 20, 2010 - 7:32pm


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