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Yes I think you have adhesive arachnoiditis caused from the injections. I suffered severe spinal trauma from a work injury, my injury was on the job and due to workers compensation in Canada, everything was used to deny me timely diagnosis - timely medical care. My injury happened Nov 2004; Even though x-rays question spinal fractures, I was denied further diagnostic study. Multiple trips to emergency at different hospitals then doctor to doctor trying to get help for specific complaints were all denied. In Nov 2007 I received my 1st spinal injection under fluoroscope , ( marcaine + celestone ) within a few months a different type of pain started. I developed a whole bunch of side effects, each year since my pain has escalated. In 2009 I received another spinal injection (depro medrol) which caused immediate severe pain. this injection was done "Blindly". Never in my life would I have allowed any doctor anywhere near my spine with a needle had I been warned or even told, right on the bottle it states; "Not for spinal injection" Intramuscular injection ONLY; I was NOT told that the doctor was using a medicine in the injection "Off Label" On Pubmed, studys show injections for spinal trauma are of little value and the risks outweigh the benefits; When suffering in extreme pain you will do almost anything to stop the pain. However had I been WARNED or even told the truth, I would never allowed the doctor to inject me. Since receiving the injection in 2007 and 2009 my life is a "Living Hell"

Dr. Aldrete in Birmingham Al. is one of the leading specialists, here is his contact info; Dr. Antonio Aldrete MD, PO Box 4627, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459-4627. If you have any questions you can call him at (205) 240-4231 Send your scans or/and go see him. There are treatments to HELP with the pain that are better than pills and patches. Lidocaine / Ketamine infusion was told to me to be very good at attacking the pain and getting relief;
Bruce Junker,

November 1, 2014 - 6:53am


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