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so the update is that they now think that all the medications i have been put on since the back pain started has now caused some reversable side effects mainly the neurological ones, the main goal is to get me off the neurontin, baclofen and oxycodone and put on new meds that wont have the adverse reactions. however they could not explain the reason as to why i had the inflamaotory response in my csf. and as naturally to be expected they blamed some of my pain to an over exaggerated state and on depression....naturally i disagree. what i do know is that i hope when i get off this medication the nurological problems do go away so then we can work on the root problem the chronic back pain that radiates throughout the lower half. they want me to go to this functional restoration center in columbus for 3-6 weeks . not sure if it will be what we ultimatley decide, i am hopeing that something comes up closer to here, home. but i am committed to overcome what ever the hell this is . and i am willing to try anything.
please let me know if anyone has heard of these interdiciplnary funtional restoration programs...not sure what to expect

March 17, 2010 - 9:16pm


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