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so it has been a couple of months since i wrote on here but here goes...as of today i am 1 week post -op from spinal fusion. and it has been horrible and trying to cope is even worse than before. i had expected to be in more pain while in the hosp. but when they released me i thought it would then be in less pain over the next couple of days..well the exact opposite. if i thought i couldn't live with the pain before i wouldn't understand how to if this becomes permanent OMG that is even too much to visualize. the surgeon said everything went well durring surgery and now we just need me to heal...oh yeah he did an anterior (stomach) approach, it looks more like a c-section. no matter what happens i would not reccomend this just because of the pain. i mean how much sense does it make to have your back in more pain from the inflammation and brusing of surgery THEN to add the horrible pain of slicing all your abdominal muscles. another thing i dont understand is that he sent me home with a presription of lortab 5.( the minimum) but during my 6 day hosp stay he had put me on oxycodone 10..2 pills every 4 hours which is a huge dose ( that is 3 times the amount i would use before the surgery...this is just perplexing that he would cut it down so much when my pain level hasnt come down much since then but also because i had the best results with the oxycodone for the past 8 months but i agree that this surgery was to get out of pain because i didnt want to be on meds the rest of life. i also asked the surgeon to see if he say anything that could have been caused from the epidural that could have been adding to my pain. when i came ot he basicly told me that he didnt go up high enough and that (in not so many words) basicly his reasons for the surgery had been accomplished. the only thing i was hoping is for him to find nothing so i could get this arachnoiditis thing out of my head. well any comments would be appreciated
indiana mama

May 11, 2010 - 9:42am


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