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thanks for the response and kind words. to the first, yes the surgery was to fix the only thing that has shown up on MRI. i should say that they could tell from the mri and confirmed with the surgery that no nerves were being impinged, there for i should only expect 60/40 odds of it working. but i was willing to take the risk i decided along with my family to trust the doc's and if they say that nothing is going on other than a degenerative disc (L5/S1)
to trust that they can fix it. this is soooo much worse now i cant even get up to go to the bathroom by my self. we went to the doctors 9 days post opp, the nurse took an xray we waited for him. when he came in he looked at the xray and only spoke to me for about 90 seconds. he daid the xray looked fine and reinterated that it was a 40 % failure rate and that no other surgeon would have attempted the surgery. funny he never mentioned that this wasn't normal before. then he left saying he would see me in 4 weeks. i am at a loss i think i am just going to go see a dr in alabama, when we can afford it ...lol kinda hard on short term dis. if anyone know s dr antonio aldrete would love to know if he is worth the money. thnaks for the site i will check it out

May 15, 2010 - 7:43pm


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