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oh my i forgot to mention that since i discon. the baclofen and the neurontin and the cymbalta ...things just got worse not better the waya that the world famous cleveland clinic was so sure of. i will say that my brain doesn't feel as much in a fog and memory has improved but nothing else. and for the things that have gotton worse...muscle spasms even more often. more burning pain in my hips and legs and newly in my feet. i did get put on lamictal for my depression and mood swings...lol my husband likes it it seems to control my mood at least. my rheumo doesnt know hwat to think...with only mildly posistive ana ...she has done other test that confirm an autoimmune component but which one evades her...and after 1 year trying to figure it out she's moving gotta go to another one now.
i am giving the surgery until one month post opp before going to every doctor i currently have and drilling them for answers. also i would like to mention that just for the skeptics..i only have my PCP give me any pain meds i would never want any new doctor to think i am coming to them for meds. i am lucky that my pcp seems to be the only one who really cares, that is probley cause she knew me before my labor and she has seen me in tears since then.

May 15, 2010 - 8:03pm


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