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hello christina,

thank you , thankyou, thank you for your well wishes. we do have an awaful lot in common. i dont have a lot of pain in my upper body, just one shoulder in paticular...but in saying that i dont know if i have ever told a doctor about that shoulder because it is soooo minute compred to my back. here lately (even before the surgery) it just feels as if it is literally broken, with every step and on "bad days" it hurts no matter what,
you cant stop trying to find a doctor, if for nothing else your sanity. and i have always been a believer that if you have been wronged you should be compensated. why is it that you think you only have 8 months left....have you been diagnosed with anyhting that the docs say is caused from the epidural. thats the first step then states have different statutes but most dont start until you recieve info of being hurt by the epi. just make sure that you get a reputable atty. and know that it will be many years before an offer is made...this is how my lawyer explained it to me. when i met with an atty he went over everything, including all my medical records and he said that he found many breaches un care at the hosp. but that without a diagnosis we couldnt sue. he put it to me this way....you have a big case once you get a diag and if that diag could have been caused by the breaches in care from the hosp. thats my main problem with the lawsuit, no doc will even give me a dx or even try to figure it out . its like when i go to one doc they just send me to another one and when i come back the only thing they can say is " well what did the other doc say" this has lead to my dislike and distrust in the medical proffesion.
but dont give up hope, even if the only hope we have is that it stops getting worse. also do you keep a pain diary? i find that it helps keep me sane...and when i have a good day i try to look back and see what could have made a difference.
well i hope that your pain gets better, and yes the one thing i have found out is make your payments to the doctors that you cant afford to not have. i know its hard but try to work something out with them
indiana mama

May 16, 2010 - 1:31pm


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