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When i started this I only expected to get a few responses, of either a yes or no nature. Remeber the title of this blog..can mult. epidural attepts cause Arachnoiditis?........Well the answer is YES. A few days ago as i continued my search for what was going on with me (especially after the surgery) I went to a new neurosurgeon...long story short he confirmed it. i have adhesive arachnoiditis. But of course he didn't know the cause it could have been the epidurals or the surgery...whats weird is that I like this guy, mainly because he wasn't afraid to diagnose me and tell me what to expect (i already knew all of it though) but when I started asking about the cause . of course for legal reasons , he stopped me and kept telling me he was only here for the " now" issues not for the " why" and "how come" issues...i even offered to let him see any of my 4 other MRI's from before the surgery..which he declined. So it leaves me to wonder...He really doesn't want to know which one caused it. and that really sucks, because how can you have a good relationship with you Dr if he expects you to be honest with him, but not the other way around.
So now that I have my diagnosis, I'm going to take a break from all the message boards and researching for a while, I need some time to enjoy life again, without the pressure of being undiagnosed...I now, need; to just BE!
So my advice for anyone who is having problems getting a diagnosis, or even having your doctor rule it out/ or look into it is...get another Dr. that doesn't mean that you have to change records and move across town , i just mean keep making appts until you beleive that a dr ha taken your concens seriously . make sure you have done your homework so that you know the test and procedures that should be run, this way you'll know if they are doing what needs to be done. If they dont do something that you think they should, make sure you ask about it. Sometimes it may not be nessesary, for many reasons...anyways the point is , if your not getting anywhere or getting any answers with your current team of dr's then you need to try new ones, get some fresh perspectives, ya never know it just might work out...it did for me.

indiana mama

July 11, 2010 - 9:20am


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