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(reply to indiana mama)

congrats!!! im sososososo happy for you!! sounds like a positive and a negative wrapped in one doctor but at least you got the diagnosis!! what is your next step in terms of treatment? from what i have heard there is not much for arachnoiditis..?? how did this doc diagnose you? could it be seen from MRI or other tests? i promise i wont keep bugging you, especially since you need a break from all of this!! but i am about to see a new doctor and any info would be sooooooo helpful for me!! i only have 6 months before my statute runs out and if i dont get some sort of diagnossi by then, the doc who did this to me will be off the hook. (other than the karma he will get for what he did)

at any rate i am very happy for you. i hope that your new doc will eventually coem to his senses and be ok with at least looking into what the cause of the arach is. he has to have some conclusion and at least if he diagnosed it maybe another doc will be more open to id'ing the cause. if your new doc were to be questioned he would have to have some sort of conclusion!! anyways, i hope this helps your peace of mind!! it has been so comforting to know i am not alone in this, although i wish i were so that you nor anyone else would have to suffer this pain!! take care!! keep in touch!!

July 13, 2010 - 7:57am


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