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hey purple, the next step is to get another MRI to see how far the nerves are adhered so they have ordered an mri of the thoracic spine, i have never had one that far up before , then after that we are going to do a trial of a spinal cord stimulator , if that doesnt work than maybe do a morphine pump. maybe we could set up a good time to talk on the phone one day, to be honest it would be nice to actually hear your voice. plus there is just toooooo much info that our tired fingers just cant type. let me know,
but u need to make sure that the mri technician knows that arach is the issue to look for. also make sure to ask when you get the results, dr's are busy and sometimes forget the reasons why they ordered the test, so if they say no we didnt see that then you want to say " so there wasnt any scar tissue or nerve adhearence or clumping" that way they have to answer the question more specificly. i think this might help.. also it never hurts to make sure that at every appt you remind your dr that you had a causative factor that could have led to the nerve damage. have you been getting all of your records and office notes from all the dr's you have seen for this , make sure that you do and review them..i guarentee.lol you will find some mistakes , i have found so many , some even big ones within my medical records
indiana mama

July 14, 2010 - 9:47pm


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