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Sorry to hear of your pain. I am a 44 yo man with similar problems. I was strong and healthy before my back began to go. I have had major
Back surgery double fusion and work done on my entire lumbar. I thought I was feeling improvement six months after my operation but soon started to deteriorate I had to apply for Ssi and am on disability now. I have had an MRI which shows multiple areas of concern but the worst being arachnoiditis. I am going to get a second opinion because it is my understanding that arachnoiditis is a one way ticket to being bed bound! Get another MRI with contrast and ask your doctor about trying subutex for pain... It is used to ween opiate dependent people off their drugs... Even though it is a narcotic it doesn't have the same effect on ones thinking. I have been on it for a month and it has been working much better than the oxicodone that I have been on for 6 years+ now! It is 30-40x's better analgesic than morphine! I am searching now for a Doctor or clinic that works with arachnoiditis but no luck so far. Most doctors do not want to get involved with us because as if now they have no treatment or cure... At least not yet! Again get an MRI with contrast and ask your doctor about subutex for pain... I think you will have a much better quality of life not felling like your in a haze all of the time. Good luck!

September 24, 2010 - 6:20am


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