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My father in law 71 was diagnosed with hammon Rich syndrome Friday April 12th following two weeks of typical treatments for pneumonia. And 5 way heart bypass for blockages that were suspected to be contributing to his lung condition. He under went lung biopsy which showed no infection or fungus. Dr's mentioned a condition call vascularitis which is inflammation of small blood vessels. Now 5 days later following aggressive treatment with high dose steroids they administered a moderately low dose of cyclophosphamide which is a cancer drug that is used to suppress the immune system. This treatment approach is last resort. The Dr stated that if he dosent respond with improved O2 sturation numbers in 48 hours on the first dose dose he likely is terminal and will be treated for comfort. Today is the 24 hour mark and will be heading to hospital soon to spend day with family there boosting his fighting spirit which is critically important to win against this nasty disease.
My father in law does have moderately low diabetes and arthritis. Otherwise relatively health.


April 14, 2013 - 5:33am


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