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April 15
My father in law was given a third higher dose of Cytoxin ( cyclophosphamide)
His O2 sats dropped through out the day a bit averaging 78-84 with 100% delivered. Peep set to 11. Hypoxia beginning. His eyes seem to be bothering him. I read that the eyes are first to be affected by low O2.
His CT scan yesterday showed profusion of the disease throughout both lungs and only tiny region left of usable lung in upper left lobe. Dr said he has seen a case with disease this bad still recover. So we still have hope.
I massaged his back which he truly seemed to enjoy and it helps to move lymp system fluid. Doing so is important to help him with this battle. He has been moved from bed to recliner several times a day and PT and OT are working with him daily. We continue to struggle with communication since he cannot write and remains on treach vent. Inability to write due to loss of hand eye and thought coordination is also symptom of O2 sat reduction and hypoxia.

April 16, 2013 - 6:30am


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