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My uncle has been diagnosed with Hamman-Rich today 7/25/13. He had been complaining of joint pain for months and at first he was told he had Lyme disease but the blood test did not support that. He was admitted to the hospital over a week ago because he couldn't breathe- lungs were filled with fluid when they did an ultrasound and he couldn't maintain O2 so was put on oxygen for that. They induced a coma Tuesday night for a lung biopsy which we got the results today. He's on ventilator now and they also paralyzed him- something to do with muscles twitching? I don't have all the details I am in NC and my mom is there with him in upstate NY.. He is 40yrs old and a contractor so they had been telling us before HR diagnosis that they suspected it was an environmental cause but we were not expecting this condition.. They have already been trying corticosteroids, the only other treatment option I could find through research is lung transplant, there is not much information out there

June 27, 2013 - 5:54pm


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