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My mom has just been diagnosed with this, she is 68 years old and has been fairly healthly her whole life. The drs have done 3 biopsies in the last year, and the last one they went in through her chest and ended up having to go back through her back. The lung tissue was not pliable for them to get a good sample, she was in ICU for almost a week. She is going on 4 weeks in the hospital, they have been unable to take out one of the drainage tubes in her lungs, due to the tissue not sealing itself off. The surgeon says if it doesn't clear up by thursday he will have to go back in. I am really concerned, I don't know if she can handle this procedure, after they way she was after the biopsy. I know they have started her on cortisteroids and the dr's say she is responding well to treatment. I'm not sure what to expect at this point, does anyone have any thoughts or what we should do? I haven't read too many positive things on this.

September 21, 2010 - 10:02am


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