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Where do I start.... he went to prison I was there mentally emotionally financially and traveled. He lied on several occasions about I was the only woman in his life romantically. Come to find out on 2 ocasions that was a lie. He got released I was there to pick him up with love clothing essentials hygiene essentials etc. I soon realized I still didn't trust him. When he was in prison pleaded n pleaded that I help him rebuild our foundation from this 15yr on n off again relationship. I dug deep n gave in now he's home my untrustworthy in him has unleashed I lash out everything sounds like a lie to me. He says things like he doesn't have 2 probation officers n not telling me his everymove. If i take pics of him with his shirtoff he asks me to forward them to him in my opinion to send to other women. At this point i don't care if he wants someone else i just want the truth so I can walk away. He discusses our disagreements with his heavily opionated family which whatever they say to him to do he does. It's been plenty of times when we were on a break he would bring multiple different women to his families house n they engage every single 1 of these females instead of saying that's not right. I just don't know what to do anymore

October 19, 2015 - 8:55am


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