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Thanks again Susan -
I found out about the increasing HCG Levels today (as I have access to my lab results through my hopsital account) - My FP is closed on Friday's egro I don't think she knows what my current levels are. However, I have an appointment already scheduled with my FP tomorrow at 10:30 she is planning to draw yet another HCG level test to make sure levels "were" dropping since we hadn't got the results from the hospital when I made the appointment. Do you think I should also request her to add a progesterone level test?

I do not have an OBGYN yet, since everything is just so crazy - I basically forced the hospital to do an U/S since I was so scared - and had a consult with fetal/maternal specialist (he was the one who dx a missed misscarriage). However, I am going to discuss everything with my FP and ask for her to refer me to an OBGYN. I just think what is going on might be out of her league (she is an FP and is wonderful, but her patient base is mainly geriatric) The specialist I saw at the hopsital said I am not considered high risk, so they wouldn't take me on as a patient... Until I know one way or the other - I am focusing on keeping calm and relaxed as I know stress wont help anything.

I mentioned my weight as the did the "belly" ultrasound and wondered if that may have prevented them from hearing anything - If I was only 6weeks would they have heard anything anyways?

PS> the fetus looked normal for 6 weeks according to the tech, but considering we thought I was approx 8 weeks for the u/s appointment and HGC levels were high they stated the fetus had apparently died for unknown reasons at 6 weeks.

March 5, 2010 - 1:57pm


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