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Hi I'm 17, and have had my period since I was 9. They have always been super heavy flow, and I know when I'm about to get it because the day before or first day I get cramps, headaches, nasuea, lower back pains. I literally get sick to the point of fevers sometimes. I need to go to a doctor, but since my family moves around we haven't been able to set up an appointment. I, like some of the other people who have commented, get either severe diarrhea or constipation. Sometimes I can't even eat or sleep because I'm too busy trying not to throw up/ dry heave. I've tried most of the usual, warm pads, acupuncture, crying, changed my diet, etc. This is becoming an extreme problem in my daily life, but I can't help but wonder how I will deal with this in college? I also love to travel, and this greatly impairs my ability to do so. Are there any suggestions?

January 22, 2017 - 10:48pm


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