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One psychologist wanted to hypnotise me. Even though I told him what caused my phobia, he thought that maybe it was something from my past life. He told of one lady who was extremely afraid of snakes, so he hypnotised her and he said that many years before this life that someone had beat her to death with a snake whip, so that was why she was afraid of snakes! Now that was a little much for me to take in, so I quite. Another psychologist didn't know much about claustraphobia, so she took a book down from the book shelf and started reading about claustraphobia to me. I knew more than she did. Another psychologist just wanted me to ride in a elevator. She opend the door and said, get it! When I didn't she wasn't very happpy about that. She didn't want to deal with me

March 16, 2010 - 6:16pm


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