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I am part of a family of folks with congenital cataracts. Lifelong, my vision served me well. At the age of 65 the larger of the cataracts was removed at a cataract center even though I mentioned to the doc that I had mild micropthalmus and congenital cataracts. As he performed the surgery, he lost the lens in my eye and did not have the equipment to extract it as it slipped away. Another surgery was required to remove the nitrous humor with cataract and lens matter and replace it with water.
At 73, the other cataract is ripening and will require removal. I am looking for a physician who is highly experienced in ripened congenital cataract removal in seniors. Can someone recommend a physician who can remove this cataract efficiently and without incident.
Thanks a bunch.

October 4, 2017 - 6:12am


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