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I don't think that there is any question that smoking is detrimental to health. But what about the millions of people who are addicted to smoking? Should they be sentenced to an excruciating, lingering death?

In a recent press release, Dr. Elizabeth Whelan (President of the American Council on Science and Health), exposed the FDA, calling their statement "distorted, incomplete and misleading" in reference to a press conference that the FDA held to scare Americans away from electronic cigarettes. Federal and state agencies collect 26 BILLION dollars per year on tobacco taxes, and ZERO on e-cigarettes.

Basically, the FDA is strongly advising us to "Stay away from these new electronic cigarettes. Stick to the good old (tax revenue producing) tobacco cigarettes. You know, the ones that cause nearly half a million deaths each year in the US alone"

The FDA has violated its own rules of presenting policies based upon sound science. In essence the FDA is telling us we don't care whether Americans live or die. We want our tax revenues!

Tobacco cigarettes are deadly, not only due to the presence of toxins and carcinogens, but because smokers inhale huge amounts of smoke (products of combustion). The result? Millions of people die from heart disease, lung disease, cancer etc.

Smokers 'need' nicotine. By getting the nicotine without the smoke, e-cig users enjoy an enormous health benefit over tobacco smokers.

The FDA has approved other nicotine delivery systems (gums and patches) but they have been dismal failures, with a success rate of under 15%. So by only approving products that don't work, the FDA has condemned millions of smokers to a lingering death. We desperately need other alternatives. Dr. Whelan commented, "Cigarette smoking remains the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States today. Any alternative acceptable to addicted smokers should be taken seriously. Instead of condemning the e-cigarette, the FDA should be sponsoring studies to evaluate its safety and efficacy, leaving it on the market in the interim."

I quit smoking and suffered for two and a half years. The cravings didn't go away. Not only that, but I really missed the enjoyment of smoking. Then I found electronic cigarettes (e-cigs). But wait … it’s not that simple. Most e-cigs are a complete waste of money. Here’s what I’ve done, so that you don’t need to take the hard road.
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April 4, 2010 - 1:21am


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