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hi .. nice articles .. i know that hair loss makes everybody stress . anyway, i wanna put several things about do and dont for your hair loss :

Hair loss ‘Do’ lists
1.Use filtered water when washing your hair. Sometimes, the levels of the chlorine are very high. It’s not good for our scalp and might cause damage on it. It tends to cause hair loss .
2.Massage olive oil onto your scalp. Hair loss sometimes is caused by the dry scalp condition. Your body might lack of proteins, iron and water. Olive oil will help your scalp to keep healthy to prevent hair loss .
3.Take gingko Supplements. I already write an article about gingko biloba for hair loss problem. It will help you fixing the blood circulation in your body. Don’t forget that hair loss might be caused by poor blood circulation.
4.Treatment your hair with rosemary essential oil. Later I will give you a recipe about this rosemary essential oil remedy.
5.Use eggs. It could be either white eggs or the yolks. Eggs are very rich of protein. You could massage it into your hair and scalp, then shampooing and rinse well. It will fix the damage on your hair and promote more volume hair.
Hair loss ‘Don’t’ list
1.Don’t be stressed. Over stress only accelerates your hair loss .
2.Don’t drink too much alcohol and smoking. It affects your hair loss . These bad habits are affecting your blood circulations.
3.Don’t eat too much sweet.
4.Don’t apply too much chemical on your scalp. It will only make your hair loss to get worse.
5.Don’t rush. Hair loss treatment result might appear at least after six months.
6.So, patience is a key for your hair loss problem

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June 2, 2010 - 10:41pm


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