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so.. i am having pain in like my urethral entrance. i can't describe it well, it's like it's being pulled inward or something and it has a tolerable ache. when driving to my doctor's i had to go BAD, bad like i never did before - it HURT and like.. on the left side of my bladder it hurt bad when i had to pee and continued hurting for a while after i went. my doctor doesn't listen to me and won't check things out when i report pain. he tried to say nothing is wrong and wants to refer me to gyneacologist, which makes literally no sense. what should i do? what can i do to get a test? whenever i had a uti, i would have this painful pulling-inward feeling but it would go away after being treated. however this time around i continue to have it. it also feels like something is coming out but nothing is (discharge?....). can someone please tell me what to do? im very concerned and upset my doctor wont do anything about it :(

June 17, 2016 - 1:39am


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