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My 11 year old dog had arthritis in her back legs. We tried homeopathy with our natural vet and it cleared her right up within a month! There you go, sceptics! And animlas can't pretend that they are feeling better or act like they are not limping!
We found it to be very helpful with a number of ailments with our animals and it's just too bad that my health insurance doesn't cover natural medecine as I really want to use a homepath myself.
Our vet used a very detailed and time consuming method to get to know everything about the dog and then chose a remedy especially for her based on this. It may not work if you just take any old thing without guidance as it's a bit of an art form. But with an expert guiding one, you can get great results.
Imperceptible amounts of sulphur are used, for example and it's the energy of the original medicine which helps with the illness. There are different strengths depending on how you are treating the animal or person.
I would definitely rather try something as gentle and non intrusive if I had a serious illness first than western drugs with their many of side effects and contraindications, but that is just me. Each to his or her own.
But don't knock it 'till you've had some experience with it.

March 28, 2010 - 3:54pm


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