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Hi Ashley-

I'm sorry you are having this problem. You sound pretty worried. First I will say if you have had no sexual contact with a guy, you cannot be pregnant. If by no sex you mean no intercourse but other sexual contact with him near you when he ejaculates, then it is possible. For you to become pregnant, his sperm has to enter your vagina and get up to your uterus. If that may have happened, you could be pregnant. But if, as you said, you are only masturbating, then it is impossible.

No matter what is going on with you, you really need to see a health care provider. You need some sex education so you will understand your body. This will relieve a lot of anxiety for you. Also, you need to find out why you aren't having a period, because if you are not pregnant you are having some sort of gynecological issue that needs to be sorted out.

Please see a health care provider and find out what is happening with your body. Preferable a gynecologist or other professional who works with young women such as yourself. That way you will get the education you need and get down to the bottom of your issue. You will feel so much better once you know what is going on.

March 25, 2010 - 6:56am


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