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I understand what you went through. My sister's boyfriend can make inappropriate comments every once and a while. He's a very nice guy generally, he just makes bad comments sometimes. Like the other day, my sis and bf came to my mom's to cook dinner and I was dressed up to go out that Saturday evening. He took one look at me and started harping about, I must be going on some hot date. I was actually flattered someone besides my family members noticed I looked dressed up. My sis started getting annoyed, chopping the food faster. Then when I got to him to hug a goodbye, he said, Oh yeah! she must have a date, she smells good! My sister gave me a mean look. She ignored me the next day when I asked her how the dinner was, sorry I couldn't stay, etc. It was so immature on her part to be angry with ME! He makes references that to me are inappropriate, but that's his behavior. But my older sister being the subservient person always having men in her life, she does nothing about it. I don't know what she tells him at home, but I get treated badly because of the guy's behavior--as if I shouldn't be me. It's my fault he can't control his behavior. Like if it wasn't for me, he would be the perfect bf she's trying to imagine. This has hurt my relationship with her because she ALWAYS takes the man's side. I am learning to accept that she's going through her own path in life. I can't imagine not thinking for myself or protecting my younger sister. I get accused if I'm single and when I have a guy, she get's jealous and tries to compare her guy to mine. It's petty and I don't expect it will end tomorrow so I just try to work on myself which is what I suggest you do. Unless he touches you or it escalates, let it go and let them be on their own level for not dealing with their issues.

November 30, 2012 - 8:36pm


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