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My 17 got stock on speaker wire y remodel her room mayb 10 mins I want bak n seen took it off n started CPR n rescue was there in 3mins n took over at the hospital thy said give 24-72 hr to see how she his with 12hrs in thy kept saying it's bad need plain for the worst thy wasn't giving her the chance to fright for her self jus machines was doing all the work ask if her heart stop did I want them to do anything to start it again uhh yea I had Faith in her that she wasn't ready go this was a bad attcent with 24hr coming up thy wanted to do a test for brain dead n wat happens my baby girl was taken some breaths on her own. Alil help still my the meds got drop lower n her Heart was staber like she was frighting n so was I like I had this feel n hope she will get better n come out of this she was in I'm a mom so I'm always look for better not bad but I was also knowing in case there was a bad out come wit her to die but I couldn't let myself go that way so fast thy said 72hr we only going on 24 I'm laying here next to her talking to her n telling her I love her she can do this n recover from this she's a strong girl n I ain't ready give up on her so she better not like give up on her self I k ow she can hear me I do cus she making some changes for her self .I'm reading ppl story's how thy love one recover from cerebral hypoxia, n that's wat I need my baby girl to do n wen I talk to Dr nurse thy say she doing good wit this n that but she can still die like u have to have faith in her to live ain't that thy job thy ask me 12hrs in to donate I said no I'll fright till I see my baby has no fright in her n she's a real frighter but I do ask for prays n here in this hospital room now y'all stroys give me so much more hope n so happy ur love ones made a recovery I want this I believe n hope she will

July 31, 2016 - 1:33am


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