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My husband is 38 years old when we rushed him to the hospital bec of an asthma attack then led to hypoxia at exactly January 16, 2015, the doctor in the emergency room told us that he was dead on arrival and was just revived so we expect to see seizures after. We spent days in the ICU and he was unresponsive to pain, hearing, sight...his eyes are always shut. On the 2nd week he opened his eyes but still unresponsive to others tests. He was prepared to have a trach tube and peg insertion on the 2nd week. After more than two months in the hospital we took him home and still caring for him, until now he is unconscious and unaware but he became very sensitive to pain, I know if his stomach is in pain of if he's uncomfortable but when I try to make eye contact with him and talk to him, he looks like in a faraway place. He does not respond to questions if he could only blink his eyes or squeeze my hand or raise his arm or leg to answer yes or no. It's been 11 months since then. On that midnight after the attack I prayed while watching him on the table being revived for God to help us and give our family a second chance and for a miracle healing although at that moment I dont have any idea of what can happen in his situation or that it can lead to a comatose stage. After so many months I feel like my heart is being pierced with needles, everytime I wake up is like a nightmare. Our 4 children are also is a big part of keeping me strong and together because I have to continue to live and be strong for them although at some time i Thought I also died but just conscious to watch everthing happen.
This time I think God is also teching me a lesson to be more closer to Him and just trust in Him, to be still and know that He is God. I am holding on to his promise.

December 15, 2016 - 4:10am


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