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Have a nice day and happy Christmas for everyone!

I have a question, please help us. My Father ( Age 56 )had a heart attack at July 28 ( five months ago ) . He was in coma for two weeks ( ~ one week because of the "narcosis" ). He only opened his eyes sometimes and can't move his body normally and had no long term memory. After 5 week rehabilitation he now can write, speak, think, walk, read he is a little bit weak, but his short term memory is very bad, he can't remember what he did today or yesterday. Sometimes he can remember for hours, but sometimes it is difficult to remember 20 minutes later. Sometimes he remembers things but not exactly what happened for example, my grandma speaks about my cousin, next day my father thinks that we have to meet my cousin.
We are going to another rehabilitation at Januar 2. i hope they will help. Other problem is that my father has no motivation he is boring evertyhing or don't know that he is sick.

Can you help what can i do to improve him at home? We are taking the daily routine, play chess or card games, clean the house, cook dinner.
I hope he will be healthy again :(

Thank you, and sorry for my bad English!

December 25, 2016 - 2:56am


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