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My little brother suffers from seizures. He also suffers from drug abuse. On Wednesday, April 4 he was with some people and suffered a seizure. It is unclear what happened after that or how long he was without oxygen. It took medics 25 minutes to get a heartbeat back. It is now day 4 in the icu. On day two the hospital doctors wanted us to pull the oxygen and fluids or introduce morphine in order to stop his heart so they could harvest organs. We refused and since then he has been taken off the ventilator And Is breathing well on his own. The neurologist gives him a 0% chance of recovery, but with the fact of how long he was without oxygen being unknown, I don’t buy their prognosis...not this early! He is moving at times which they dismiss as natural reactions but there are times when we talk or touch him that his breathing and heart rate goes up. He lost pupil dilation as the swelling increased but we are past the threshold and waiting for improvement. Reading your stories gives me hope and please feel free to share any experiences or input with me!

April 8, 2018 - 10:57am


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