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on the evening of 2/21/18 my brother overdosed. He was discovered the next morning unconscious. The doctors said he had an anoxic brain injury and multi-organ failure. He also developed pneumonia. His kidneys, lungs, liver and brain were failing. They also said his right sight would be paralyzed. He was on life support, 3 medical teams suggested we remove life support. We saw signs, as you did, reactions to music, names, eyebrows moving, etc. The doctors insisted these movements were not purposeful and he would not recover. They said, he would never be the same and he would live in a facility on a ventilator, feeding tube and recv kidney dialysis for most if not all of his life. He has recovered. He is now in a brain injury facility. he is not on a feeding tube, he is not on a ventilator, he is not receiving dialysis. He is breathing, eating and talking on his own. Oh and his right side is not paralyzed. They now expect him to come home May 1st! Please have faith, God is amazing! Thank God we refused to listen to the doctors. They admit, they do not have the data and I think that's because they encourage too many families to remove life support.

April 12, 2018 - 8:54am


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