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My son is 34 years and also had a drug overdose on dec 7 2017 . My father went to his house and found him on the floor unconscious called the ambulance which toook about 3 1/2 min to get there when they got there he had a slight pause thru the era was put on life support. Dr. Also told us to prepare for the worst We don’t know how long his brain is without oxygen to talk with the family about letting him go he had liver failure kidney failure And didn’t know about his heart . A few hours later the dr. Came to talk to us and said I’m sorry maybe I spoke to soon his mri came back as good as my brain and scan came back dull but he’s highly sedated So even thou they were dull it was good started dialysis but nothing positive was happening with the brain He was breathing over the vent ween him off and pulled it and had to vent him again did a Brock and he was filled with plugs so had to trach and g tube we left ther dec 27 to acute hospital and recovered his kidneys and liver and heart is very strong still nothing going on with the brain then transferred to a nursing rehab to get aspirated pneumonia in 3 days now at the hospital for a 11 days decided to take home Were the dr when got him home gave me a prescriptions for him and he didn’t give me the fentnal patch to treat his withdrawals said he don’t need it he won’t have none he was wrong back to the hospital to find out he was having withdrawals and he had a infection back to the wonderful acute hospital that had to fight to get him there a place that cares the wonderful dr that cares put him on some brain stimulation Meds we r getting we’re when u call his name he looks at u loves to listen to music smiles and laughs when something is funny will follow command something but nothing consistent now at a another rehab and every afternoon his eyes look goofy and he starts shaking and sweating and getting very tight and finding this web site I’m hearing about storming and have no clue what it is can anyone give me advice all your stories have touched my heart I feel your pain and gave me a happy heart to see there is hope I will never give up on my son I pray everyday and well never take things in life for granted and never stress about the small things life can change in a blind of a eye

May 3, 2018 - 8:27am


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