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On July 9, 2017 my 63 year old dad suffered cardiac arrest and was without oxygen for 20 minutes which left him with an anoxic brain injury. After he was resuscitated he was in a coma and was placed in the ICU, and the doctors were telling us he might not ever wake up. By the grace of God my dad woke up the very next morning, but he had no memory of the past several years.

He spent a total of 5 months in the hospital and in-patient rehabilitation. When my dad was finally discharged he was nowhere near capable of caring for himself, so my husband and I moved him in with us. He can occasionally walk using his walker, but his balance is poor and he has a difficult time picking up his feet. We recently starting taking him to the local rec center pool where they have a lift to lower him into the water. It's amazing how well he can move and pick up his feet while in the water. The walking he's done in the pool is starting to transfer over to his walking on land. He struggles projecting his voice and speaking his thoughts, but all this is slowly improving as time goes on. He continues out-patient therapy at least once a week.

The one year anniversary of his injury just passed, and we have seen improvements with his speech, memory, and motor functions overall. He still has a long way to go, but I believe he'll be ok one day. I hope my story can give hope to many of you out there who has a loved one that is affected by a brain injury. Time heals, and I've put my trust in God that he'll heal my dad. May God bless you all. -Julianna

July 24, 2018 - 9:31pm


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