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I believe every situation and person is different. My dad had metastatic prostate cancer and had congestive heart failure with EF of 15%...which is not good. He went into sudden cardiac arrest and my mom had to do CPR. He went without a pulse for a good 20-30 mins. They did hypothermia protocol trying to keep his temp down. He was on a vent and nonresponsive, he didn't even have corneal reflexes. EEG showed seizures and MRI showed area of the brain that was damaged. He never woke up and kept going into dangerous heart arrhythmias. He never showed any signs of improvement and would not make a meaningful recovery. We ended up taking him off the vent and he ended up passing within 10 mins. We tried to honor his wishes because he never would have wanted to live in a vegetative state or be a burden or rely on others for care. It has been difficult. We still haven't had the memorial yet, as he passed only 5 days ago. I say keep praying and hoping for the best but also honoring your family members wishes as to what kind of quality of life they would want.

February 6, 2020 - 1:53pm


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