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Hi I had my left ovary removed via laproscope. I felt so much better after the surgery because I was in so much pain prior. The recovery is worst for the first week. Your shoulders and upper back may hurt because the nerve gets stretched when they are working inside you. I highly recommend getting a few body pillows, it is so much easier to move in and out of bed if you can hug a pillow and it makes sleeping much more comfortable. As for children, women ovulate each month alternating ovaries so your chances are reduced but it doesn't rule out getting pregnant. I recommend one dose of guifenesen each evening, it will increase secretions allowing the sperm longer to try to find the egg. It worked for me and it has worked for 7 of my friends who were told they couldn't conceive, but try to heal up first:) Good luck to you and hugs I know this isn't fun.

April 6, 2010 - 7:10am


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