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Hi Diane, Thank you for your post. Currently I have no diet restriction. I do try to get as much fiber in my diet with fresh fruits, veggies and grains. Exercise is difficult since I have such a low energy level due to dialysis. I walk but only about 8 blocks at a time, and this is about 3 times a week. One of the problems I think?? IS the fluid in my peritoneal cavity presses on my bowels. I get a lot of gas built up through out my bowels. Then I feel bloated and the cycle continues. I also struggle eating a enough to keep my weight up. Not much appeitie at times or to much pressure on my stomach. I am seeing my doctor & dialysis nurse this month. I have talked to them before and they just said to use the mirilax more often each day. I really hope to transplant soon (in one to two months), but if I had to do this for life I would be really depressed.

April 6, 2010 - 10:17am


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