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I am 55 yr old woman,since i was 13 yrs old i had big breasts..38ddd is my size,I'm 5"1 hight,my breasts had always been an inconvenience to me,also had brought me a lot of grief,my posture is damage,i have deep indentations in my shoulders area,plus don't have any upper body strenght from the weight,have terrible back pain.My breasts have never been of use to me, as a woman was never able to breast feed my three kids,never where of sexual use,clothes never fit right and thru all my life was bullied because of them.My health insurance will not pay for surgery and i was suggested by a friend to look into donation,I've been depressed about this all my life,i don't care if i end up with nasty scars,i'm not the type to show off my body,i just want to take this weight off of my upper body,so i can help my body feel better and maybe not have anymore pain in my neck,back and be able to take off my bra at night to sleep.Many times i thought about mutilating them and have wish to have breast cancer so i could rid of them. Please,i'm not doing this to be shallow,i just can't afford any expenses because I live from social security disability and on a fix income .and have a lot of health issues,this will be a big relief for my health and body.
Thank you for taking the time to read my story and hopefully you will be of help to me

April 1, 2015 - 12:44pm


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