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I'm a male (most of the comments seem to be from females) and I've been getting it in my lower right cheek too - I thought I was having some sort of leakage but after reaching down a few times to check I realized there's no liquid. I also have trigeminal neuralgia and have had it for years - no neuralgia flare-ups since I started smoking pot though. I do however suffer from constipation and some of it's side-effects. My sister is a nurse and mentioned I might have a 'pocket' in my colon and obviously with the constipation there is pressure in there so the pinched nerve theory sounds likely. Although I went through MS testing after my neuralgia diagnosis I am considering doing it again. I have had funny stuff going on with my right ear too - like it's clogged with water and the hearing kind of flutters in and out periodically - I doubt it's related but mentioning it in case any of you have had this too.

March 30, 2019 - 10:50pm


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