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hi Ladies -
I am 51 & started menopause about 45. I felt like HRT was not an option for me. I wanted to go all natural. Nothing really helped long term. BUT I started Amberen 3 months ago. Has anyone heard of Amberen?? My hot flashes & night sweats were horrible. So was my energy level. Three days into taking Amberen I was dramatically feeling better. My hot flashes were reduced and I started sleeping thru the night. Oh how great it was to get a good nights sleep!
Nearly all my menopause symptoms are gone. Do I still have hot flashes or night sweats? Yeah, but instead of 25-30 hot flashes a day I may have one every couple of days! No kidding. I sleep the entire night thru. I've lost 12lbs. My energy level is way up and so is libido.
In those three months I was so excited about how much better I was feeling. An idea started formulating in my mind about helping other women. I decided to take some action. At 51 I had no idea how to build a website but decided to go for it anyway. I've now finished & published as of last week! It's my story about Amberen and how I was dealing with menopause before taking Amberen. My website is Put The Pause in Menopause.
Please check it out for the full story. I can highly recommend Amberen! I'd be glad to answer any questions. All I can say is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. They also have a risk free trial. It's no nonsense and none of the automatic enrollment shinanigans either. And no, I'm not affililated with the company - I just want to HELP OTHER WOMEN!
check it out - Put The Pause in Menopause

June 4, 2011 - 7:37pm


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