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I too used to suffer from migraines - especially pre-menopause. In the last 5 years though they have gradually disappeared. I asked about the MSG when I was considering buying Amberen. I was told it has trace amounts in it. I can tell you that even though I rarely get migraines anymore, I do get headaches quite often. Since taking Amberen though my headaches are reduced! I'm wondering since Amberen 'balances' the body, this has helped my headaches as well. In fact, I hadn't considered headaches as part of my website but I should definitely add that into my discussion of symptoms. I'd be super hesitant too but if you suffer from migraines anyway, you might consider trying Amberen as it might actually help you. I feel so much better since taking Amberen that I would think it's worth the risk. You could also call Amberen's nurses line & talk to them about it - they are very good & quite helpful. Good luck!

June 25, 2011 - 3:31pm


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