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I have also taken this product, and found it helpful. While it didn't totally obliterate the flashes, it did decrease them substantially. I had to take the double dose. The inital dose was not enough to help with the flashes. I did have a blood test after being on it for about a month, as I began spotting. It revealed that my estradiol levels had increased to perimenopausal levels after not having had a period in over a year. While this may be a quirk, it did happen after being on the product for about 6 weeks. I just finished a second round of it, and the flashes are at the same, lower level that they were at while I was taking it. Is it due to my having moved on in my journey through menopause, or is it due to the effects (placebo or otherwise) of the product? Who cares. It helped, and it's the only thing that has. I've tried the cohosh, primrose, soy, accupuncture (helpful, but expensive), and the dreaded effexor (that, in my opinion ought to be banned!). None of them helped me like the amberen has. So Dr. Weil and all the rest of them should take a second look at this. They may not understand how it works, but it does.

June 25, 2011 - 6:10pm


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