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Hang in there. When I got my first occurrence i did 28 days of those drugs. Then second occurrence happened about 4 months later and back on drugs for 10 days, third occurrence after another 6-8 months and 7 more days of drugs. My guess they were all related to one infection that was difficult to clear up. But after the 3rd round I have been ok now for about 4 years. Those drugs are the worst. I got everything people indicated on here, dizzy, anxiety, nightmares, mood swimgs, muscle spasms, nerve issues like tingling legs and feet, instability and loss of balance, shortness of breath, taste issues, so so tired etc. Had to stop work for a month. Also, dont expect the side effects to go away when you stop, took a few months to clear up. You can do it!

June 24, 2017 - 8:41am


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