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About six years ago I began treatment for a very aggressive prostate cancer, gleason nine, with no signs of mets. My treatment was 25 sessions of external beam radiation, followed by seed implants, concurrent with two years of hormone treatment. From the conclusion of the treatment, much to the surprise of the urlogist I had no measurable psa but I did begin to develop weakness in my legs, pains in my feet and toes, and a problem with balance at night. My primary care doctor and my podiatrist both think that I have mild peripheral neuropathy caused by the radiation. I have no intention to falling into the hands of the neurologists if I can avoid it but will be doing a pallative treatment. Anyone else have this experience with radiation. I received no warning of this from the team that treated me and a very relucant willingness to even acknowledge this as a problem.

April 15, 2010 - 8:55am


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