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I'm a young girl, with the constant problem of cysts on my ovaries bursting , it first began over two years ago where for a week I was feeling constant stabbing pains in my lower right side , doctors asummed it was my appendix but when examined showed it was a cysts whic burst, I was left untreated with not even pain medication, this happened several times after but it was bare able until 2 months ago where I was brought to hospital and was kept there for a week! 2 cysts had burst together causing extreme pain and bleeding which I had never witnessed before with these cysts , I had also experienced hip pains and lower back pains in my left side and could not walk .. This shows no matter what you can experience different symptoms each time you have something wrong and you should not assume you have what another person has because of similar symptoms, always be checked just to be sure!

September 5, 2015 - 7:31am


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